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Individually to your needs, we will perform the production service of a movie or feature series in Poland. We will gather the team of producers, key creators such as the director, cinematographer, production designer, composer and the rest of the film crew, as well as organize post-production to ensure the highest possible quality of production.

As of 2019 Poland has introduced film production financial incentives. The new bill set up a 30% cash rebate for production shoots in Poland. As much as $54 million of cash incentives has been allocated by the Polish government. Among projects eligible for the cash rebates are: feature films, documentaries, TV series and animated features. The scheme is based on first come, first serve rule.

A local partner – a Polish production company – is required to apply for the cash rebate which is operated by the Polish Film Institute.

Applications for the cash rebate need to be submitted in Polish (at least 2 months before the start of the part of the production to which the application relates). The Polish Film Institute takes up to 28 calendar days to assess the application.

The cap of the cash rebate has been set to 15 million PLN (about 3,3 Million EUR) per project.